• In November 2020 the Plymouth City Council declined the request by the owners and prospective developers of Hollydale to make the amendment to the city's Comprehensive Plan that was required in order to develop the property for residential use.

  • In December of 2020 the owners and developers sued the City in an attempt to change the consequences of that vote. 

  • On April 20th 2021 the City Manager signed an agreement, the "Framework Agreement", which essentially states that the Plaintiffs will drop their lawsuit if the City Council approves their proposed development as revised.  

  • The revised proposal increases parkland by 1.39 acres, relocates some housing units, reduces some lot sizes, deeds southern wetland property to adjacent homeowners to provide them control of buffering foliage, and commits the developer to paying for 75.9% of the cost of in order  at the coutmade the following changes:

A comparison of key elements of the proposal voted down in November 2020 and the revised, April 2021 proposal, is as follows.


Relative to the November 2020 application, the April proposal
  • reduces wetland acreage by about 2 acres, some or all of which is due to the deeding of some southern wetland property to adjacent homeowners in order to provide them control of buffering foliage
  • reduces net developed land by 1.39 acres
  • increases parkland from 5.49 to 7.08 acres
Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 1.11.06 PM.png