Between 2007 and mid-2019, 2,753 single family homes and townhomes were built in the city.  Almost all of these were built in Northwest Plymouth.


Today, there are hundreds more single family homes under construction.  Elm Creek, just west of the high school, has not yet been completed. There's a proposal for a 300 unit apartment building on the Dundee Nursery site just 1 mile south of Hollydale.  There's still empty land on County Road 47.

The Environmental Assessment paid for by the developer says that the purpose of the Hollydale development is to "respond to the demand for housing in Plymouth".

Does that mean we're supposed to build everywhere possible?

There's demand for housing in Edina too, but they're not plowing over Braemar.
Housing Single Family Homes2.jpg

We're fortunate to live in such a great city.  But that doesn't obligate us to build on every last patch of grass. The costs of development are getting high.  Click on the links below to learn more.

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