"Two Flash Vote surveys were done to evaluate interest in expanding the PCC.   The 2018 Flash Vote survey showed 1048 participants. That number -1048 - was used by the consultant in their community engagement data to show support for the center.  Unfortunately, the numbers were exaggerated, because only 64% of those people were Plymouth residents.   And of those people, only a third of them - 235 people - had used the facility more than twice in the prior year.


The 2019 Flash Vote survey showed 1145 participants.  This number - 1145 - was used with the press and in marketing materials.  Again, the numbers for community engagement were exaggerated, but less so. This time, 75% of the respondents - or 863 people - were residents."


FlashVote surveys can be answered by anyone with a link to the survey. Using demographic data provided by the participant, results can be filtered by residency, property ownership, gender, age and wards. "Locals" is a term used to identify full time and part time residents. There were no part time residents who participated, so "Residents" and "Locals" are the same number.

In 2018 1048 people participated in the survey, but only 675 of them provided information that they lived in Plymouth.

In 2019 1,145 people participated in the survey, but only 863 identified as Plymouth residents.

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In 2018 675 Plymouth residents answered the question regarding frequency of visits to PCC.  Of those residents,  235 had visited the PCC monthly or more frequently.  440, or 65% had used the facility twice or less frequently. 

When considering the frequency of visits by property owners who responded to the survey, only 200 had visited the PCC monthly or more frequently,  398, or just fewer than 67% had used the facility twice or less frequently. 

These visits are materially less frequent than reported by the total participant group.  Overall, 44% of the total participants said that they visited the PCC at least monthly, with 56% reporting twice per year or less frequently visits. Residents reported about 20% lower usage of the facility than did the total participant group.