On March 20, 1996 the City Council adopted Resolution 1996-178 authorizing a Ground Lease Agreement with FCA, LTD, DBA LifeTime Fitness. Construction of the facility was project 96003.

The City Council discussed the concept and proposed terms of the Agreement at a Special Session on December 12, 1995.  The Council packet of March 20, 1996 included the following:

 Reasons Stated for Approval

  • City residents will have state-of-the-art recreational complex available without paying increased taxes.  People not using the complex will not be paying taxes to support it.

  • Recreation complex meets many indoor recreation needs, as identified by the Sports Facilities Task Force, which currently are unmet.

  • Offers more than most public community centers at a fraction of capital cost and no operating liabilities.

"... [Manager Johnson] compared this with the City's previous community center proposal in 1989 which estimated an annual deficit of $150,000, provided for little or no marketing, and would have cost about $ 12,000,000 with only one indoor ice sheet. He said that the facility proposed in 1989 was only about 60 percent as large as this proposed complex. 


Manager Johnson stated that the proposal is structured so that each party is doing the things it does well. Lifetime Fitness would have the major responsibility for construction, and they have constructed a number of other clubs with many amenities at a low cost. Lifetime Fitness would also operate, market, and maintain the pool/club area. These are all activities that Lifetime does on a regular basis and that the City does not have as much experience in. On the other hand, the City would fund, own, operate, and maintain the ice facilities. 


All City residents would have access to all areas of the complex at a daily fee that would be no higher than the average rate of comparable community centers."

LifeTime Fitness is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  

The club offers Studio, Cycle & Yoga ClassesKids ClassesOpen SwimOpen GymSwim LessonsBasketball, Pickleball, Pilates, Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Cycle Club, Run Club, Weight Loss Programs, Health Assessments, Nutritional Coaching, Child Center, Kids Academy, Social Events, and Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care.

It has 2 basketball courts, free weights, cardio and resistance equipment, a sauna, spa, tumbling studio, infant room, a rock climbing wall, kids play area and free babysitting for 1.5 hours.

Daily rates for full club use for Plymouth residents are $11.00 for adults, $6.75 ages 12 - 17 & $4.00 ages 12 and under.  For pool use only, the rates are $8.25 for adults and $4.00 for youth under age 12.



Given the extensive resources available at LifeTime and the relatively low cost to Plymouth residents and taxpayers, it is not unreasonable to question the necessity of such duplicative resources, significant  expenditures and related tax increases for new facilities.