Plymouth's Family Owned Hollydale Golf Club Closing

CCX Media August 13th, 2019

A popular scenic spot in Plymouth will be closing for good in a few months. The Hollydale Golf Club is shutting down once the cold weather arrives....


Plymouth Residents Make Push to Keep Hollydale as Green Space.   CCX Media, September 27, 2019

Should the Hollydale Golf Course be redeveloped into more homes? Or should it be preserved as green space? It’s an issue the Plymouth City Council will be hearing a lot more about in the weeks and months ahead.


Housing Development Could Replace Plymouth Golf Course That's Set to Close

KSTP Eyewitness News October 23rd, 2019


The owners of Hollydale Golf Course say they are selling the land to a developer.  The course will close at the end of this golf season, and what's next for the land potentially includes hundreds of new homes.

Neighbors Speak Out Over Golf Course Potentially Being Turned into New Homes

WCCO October 25, 2019


The city council would have to approve rezoning to make it happen. The developer has agreed if it does happen, a portion of the course will become a park.


Residents concerned about Hollydale Development

CCX Media November 3, 2019

“Bigger is not always better,” said Shellie Bechtold, a Plymouth resident. “The city needs to maybe think about how much growth we’re going to have and if that’s really the best thing for this community.”

Neighbors Fight to Prevent Development of Hollydale Golf Course in Plymouth

SWNews Media Lakeshore Weekly News December 4th, 2019

For several neighborhoods in Plymouth, Hollydale Golf Course is more than a golf course. It is a place to walk, a green preserve and a scenic outlook from their backyards.

That’s why some living in eight Plymouth neighborhoods are fighting to save the golf course from a potential development.

Plymouth Residents Ban Together to Preserve the Hollydale Golf Course

Sun Sailor November 13, 2019

Residents who live near the Hollydale Golf Course in Plymouth have banned together to preserve the green space and prevent the city council from rezoning the property to allow residential development. 

Special Report: How Wayzata Area Schools Handle Plymouth's Population Growth

CCX Media December 8th, 2019

Hundreds of new homes are going up in northwest Plymouth, an area that has seen explosive growth the last several years. The Wayzata School District continually monitors that growth. The district is now conducting a facilities study to manage class sizes and determine building needs...



Planning Commission September 4, 2019 

Relevant time stamps: 2:00 to 13:30

  • Gery Haag introduces concerns of neighborhood associations regarding Hollydale development.  

  • Paul Hillen shares that almost  50% of Autumn Hills homeowners have experienced flooding as development has surrounded the neighborhood, ultimately causing close to $1 million in damages. Discusses congestion on Vicksburg and unsafe traffic on Old Rockford Road.


Planning Commission October 2, 2019 

Relevant time stamps: 2:30 to 12:39

  • Shelli Bechtold shares the reality of construction, quality of life issues, and concerns regarding traffic and school overcrowding, school capacity, taxes, and losing more greenspace.

  • Planning Manager Barb Thompson explains rezoning process in response to question posed by Nick Hyduke.