The EAW is Complete

An EAW - Environmental Assessment Worksheet - is "a brief document designed to lay out the basic facts of a project necessary to determine if an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is required for the proposed project. In addition to the legal purpose of the EAW in determining the need for an EIS, the EAW also provides permit information, informs the public about the project, and helps identify ways to protect the environment. The EAW is not meant to approve or deny a project, but instead act as a source of information to guide other approvals and permitting decisions. The EAW is completed by the Responsible Governmental Unit (RGU) designated according to Minnesota Rules 4410.0500." (1)

The public comment period on this EAW begins when the public notice is published in the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB) Monitor on January 27, 2020. A public notice has been submitted for publication in the Sun Sailor newspaper. A public hearing will be held at the City of Plymouth Planning Commission meeting on February 19, 2020. Public comments on this EAW will be accepted by the City of Plymouth until 4:30 p.m. on February 26, 2020. (2)

A city cannot review an application for development when an EAW is pending, so an application has not yet been received.

The point of the meetings on 2/19 and 3/10 is to gather questions about a proposed project that can help inform a developer and a local unit about potential issues/impacts of the project, and what in turn may help to mitigate issues/impacts. For local units, both can form the basis for conditions of approval should a formal application come forward.

On March 10, the City Council will make its decision on the need for an Environmental Impact Statement for this project.


(2) EAW:

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