Park & Rec Advisory Commission Minutes November 10, 1999

"Director Blank stated that the recent city survey revealed that 52 percent of Plymouth residents play golf on a somewhat regular basis. This is second only to walking as a recreational activity. The resident survey also shows strong interest in preserving at least one golf course if it becomes apparent that the land may be sold to a developer.... Blank explained the City's policies  with respect  to golf courses. First, the City will avoid any action (such as assessments for public improvements) that would encourage redevelopment of the courses for other uses; second, it's in the city' s best interest to keep at least one 18-hole course in Plymouth; and third, if we must preserve one of the golf courses, it should be Hollydale, because of its location, the quality of the course, and the nearby wetlands."

"Commissioner Priebe stated that for the benefit of its residents, the City should step in and take over the operation of a private golf course, if it wasn' t economically feasible for a private owner to continue. Other commissioners agreed."

A 1999 survey showed that 52% of Plymouth household had at least one member who golfed.  Thirty seven percent reported that they play more than 20 times a year. A significant number (28 percent) reported that they play over 30 times a year. This level of participation would probably rank golf second, behind walking, as the most frequent recreational activity of Plymouth residents.

The survey also asked about the public's interest in keeping those courses. 79% thought the city "should take steps to assure that at least one of the these courses remains open to the public", and 54% favored spending funds to keep at least one of the courses open.

The conclusion in the 2020 Plan was that "In order to satisfy resident desires and to maintain the present high level of service, quality of life, recreational diversity, and protection and enhancement of natural areas, it is important that Plymouth strive to preserve publicly accessible golf courses in the City."