From the Hollydale Golf Course website...

"Tucked away in one of the last hiding spots in suburban Minnesota is Hollydale Golf Course and driving range in Plymouth. You don't need to take a vacation up north to experience gentle rolling hills, an abundance of mature trees and wild life galore — it's right here in your backyard. Although it's only a short distance out of the Twin Cities, once you're on the course you can't help but feel like you're a lifetime away from the hustle and bustle."  

Aerial View.png

Located along the railroad tracks, surrounded by residential development on three sides, and accessible by only one road, Hollydale truly is a "tucked away" oasis of green space in a sea of roads and houses. 

Its 130 buildable acres represent 5% of the Parks and Open Space in the City's most recent Land Use Plan. Development of Hollydale was not contemplated in that plan. 

The development would cover 30% of what is now trees and grass with asphalt and concrete.

Home to a 28 acre, federally designated wetland, the property provides an area of refuge for wildlife crowded out by surrounding development. 

Deer, great horned owl, mink, otter, coyote, pileated woodpecker, pheasants, hawks, wood ducks, mallards, trumpeter swans and a multitude of other birds and small mammals have been seen in the beautiful habitat the property provides.